Step 1

Lay cardboard on the floor or work surface. Lay trash bag flat on top of cardboard with long edge overhanging edge of cardboard and short edge flush to edge of cardboard.

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Step 2

Mark the top and side edges.

Step 3

Remove trash bag from cardboard.

Step 4

Using a box knife or scissors cut along the lines markings from previous step.

Step 4 Detail

Cut a taper on top corners as shown. This will help when inserting.

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Step 5

Finished cardboard cutout.

Step 6

Insert the cardboard into the trash bag. Be careful to feed it in squarely or the trash bag will bind up.

Step 7

Put a strip of tape along the bottom with only half of the tape on this side of the trash bag so you can wrap it over the edge. I used duct tape but any wide tape will do.

Step 8

Flip cardboard over and fold tape up to secure to the other side of trash bag. Use two strips of tape to pull the bag tight as show.

Step 9

Flip the bagged cardboard over and paint the whole surface evenly.

Step 10

This is what the painted target should look like.

Paint or Draw Your Target Face

You can download and print the stencil I used below or get creative with a paint pen See check out some of the ideas in the examples section.

Lay stencil on the painted face. Cover surrounding area with cardboard or paper. Spray paint with lighter secondary color.

Use and Reuse

Bring you spray paint to the range and use the same target all day!


  1. pretty slick,this should keep me out of trouble for hours. Thanks

  2. How does this work with a black bag and a lighter cover paint? – a black target can be useless with certain black iron sights.

    • I haven’t tried it. It should work fine as long as the paint covers the black bag well. If you try it let us know how it goes.

    • Maybe try red on white?

  3. Distribution of knowledge is distribution of wealth .
    Thank you.

  4. awesome idea i used white grocery bags over pizza boxes with black paint black is hard to see gonna try black plastic with light paint 2 coats of paint make bigger splatters works awesome with a pellet gun


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